Sunday, 19 March 2017


1.      As vrea sa-mi pot organiza blogul, pentru ca nu pot sa sufar harababura, dar….nu stiu cum s-o fac, pentru ca, asa cum spune Calin, sunt paralela cu tehnica, iar el nu da “doi bani” sa ma ajute! De la britanici nu pot astepta ajutor, pentru ca, din experienta mea cu nativii, am constatat ca indiferenta apartine culturii natiei, care se lauda ca ii place sa ajute, dar, de fapt, vrea doar sa aiba folos de la alte etnii. Poate romanii m-ar ajuta, dar, se pare, ca blogul meu nu este vizualizat in Romania. Ceea ce mi se pare, totusi, ciudat este faptul ca postarile mele in limba romana au vizualizari, iar eu nu cred ca printre autohtoni sunt multi vorbitori de limba romana!
2.      Deoarece stiu doar o engleza elementara, cu toate ca am “intrat” pe internet acum 13 ani, iar in UK sunt de 6 ani si jumatate, nu sunt sigura daca traducerea postarilor mele este pe intelesul vorbitorilor de engleza. Este vorba de topica, de intelesul multiplu al unor cuvinte si de faptul ca Google translate nu ma ajuta aproape deloc, deoarece traducerea este proasta sau foarte proasta. Asa ca, ma bazez mai mult pe simtul meu lingvistic. As vrea sa ma exprim pe intelesul tuturor, deoarece intentionez sa postez multe din lucrurile pe care le stiu si le-am trait, pentru folosul oricarui fel de auditoriu. In decurs de o luna si 1 saptamana, de cand am inceput sa lucrez la blog am postat 17 articole, dar neavand vreun comentariu, cu toate ca m-am straduit sa fac un lucru bun, nu imi dau seama daca vorbitorii de limba engleza ma inteleg. Eu spun ca stiu o engleza elementara, pentru ca nu am avut vreodata aptitudinea de a invata o limba streina. De asemeni, eu nu vorbesc cu lumea decat in institutii, unde se vorbeste o engleza standard, cu care ma descurc bine, mai ales ca scriu destul de multe plangeri, eu fiind o nemultumita cronica. Cu lumea obisnuita nu vorbesc decat arareori, pentru ca nu inteleg aproape deloc argoul sau dialectul “judetului” si pentru ca, mai mult sau mai putin, majoritatea vorbeste prea repede (poate cu intentia de a ma pune in dificultate) pentru intelegerea mea. De altfel majoritatea britanica nu stie sa vorbeasca si cu atat mai putin sa scrie in limbaj standard. Dovada am avut-o cand am fost la cursul de Engleza Aptitudini Functionale. Eram colega cu lume obisnuita, de origine britanica. Am fost pusi sa separam etichete, unele continand cuvinte din Engleza standard iar altele din argou. Deoarece colegii mei nu au stiut s-o faca, am facut-o eu. Am reusit sa fac impartirea perfecta, deoarece stiu limbajul standard. Am pus pe o coloana toate cuvintele standard, iar ce mi-a ramas (un numar egal de cuvinte) am presupus ca sunt argou si le-am pus pe cealalta coloana.

3.      Poate unii, se intreaba de ce am postat, ca imagine de profil, o fotografie cu mine desfacand plicul in care se afla Certificatul de Naturalizare, cumva ca sa ma laud?! Iar raspunsul meu este: DA. Am facut asta deoarece obtinerea cetateniei britanice este cea mai mare realizare din viata mea si pentru ca in aceasta poza arat cel mai bine!


1.      I wish I could organize my blog, because I hate the muddle, but ... I do not know how to do it, because, as Calin says, I am parallel with the technique, and he did not give "a shit" in helping me! I can not expect Britons help, because, from my experience with the natives, I found that, these attitude belongs to British culture, ie they boasts that they like to help, but in fact, they only want to have a benefit from other ethnicities hard work. Perhaps, the Romanians would help, but it seems that my blog is not viewed in Romania. However, what I find being strange, is that my posts in Romanian, have many views and I do not think there are many indigen inhabitants, speaking Romanian!
2.      As, I know only an elementary English, although I made my entry on Internet 13 years ago, and I live in the UK for 6 and a half years, I'm not sure if my posts  translation  is understandable for English speakers. It is about the phrase topic, the multiple meaning of words and that Google translate helps me very little, the translation, there, being bad or very bad. So, I rely more on my linguage common sense. I would like to make myself understood, because I intend to post many of the things that I know and lived, to be used by any kind of audience. Within one month and one week, since I started working on the blog I posted 17 articles, but not getting any comment, although, I tried to do a good job, I do not know if English speakers understand me. I say I know only an elementary English, because I have not ever had the ability to learn a foreign language. Also, I do not talk often to ordinary people, but inside institutions, where the civil servants speak a standard English, with which I'm doing well, especially as I write quite many complaints, I being a chronic discontent. With ordinary people I speak only rarely, because I understand slang or "county" dialect hardly and that, more or less, most people speak too fast (perhaps with the intention to put me in difficulty) for my understanding. Besides these, most British, talk and even write less in standard language. I had the proof when I was at English Functional Skills course. I mated with ordinary people, of British origin. We have been assigned to separate labels, some containing words in standard English and some slang. As my colleagues did not know how to do the job, I did it myself. I managed to do a perfect split, because I know the standard language. I put on a column all standard words, and what was left (an equal number of words) I assumed that they are slang and I put on the other column.

3.      Some may wonder why I posted, as a profile picture, one which represents me, opening the envelope containing the Naturalization Certificate; somehow to brag ?! And my answer is: YES. I did this because obtaining the British citizenship was the greatest achievement of my life and that in these picture I look best!

Friday, 17 March 2017

GYPSIES (who they are and what they want)-FIRST PART

   I will have several posts related to gypsies. I will not recount here what I read through different writings or heard from different people, but about my experience and eventually Calin's and connected with gypsies. I can not say they're a people, that they, in fact, are spread worldwide and took not only the look of people in whose country were established ... .or ... not, but the language, worship, customs and even nationality. When I was a child, in Romania, my parents went to Indian films, which in a certain period were very popular there (I remember the "the Tramp" with Raj Kapoor). At that time, ie in the Communist era there were many cinemas in Constanta. Wherever Indian films broadcasted, there were huge queues at the ticket office. The Romans had little place, because of the gypsies, who crowded the entrance with their families. That's because, they said, that the Indians are their brothers, gypsy ethnicity coming from India  and spreading worldwide. 
   Until Calin was born and a few years until he was older, I just avoided them because I did not hear only bad things that scared me. Things began to change when my son was partaker with some gypsies, because I was a single mother and I had to defend my son from the things that I thought to be bad. Anyway, it was a stage in our lives that made us understand an essential truth, namely that the human nature is same anywhere on planet Earth. Inside of these ethnicity, people are divided into rich and poor, they have bulibasa (a kind of tribal boss), kings and emperors, they have "gypsy law" and ... some specific habits (like scrounging). But who does not steal, or, rather, who steals the least, maybe only the people who really produce something (like bread, housing, clothes, maybe something related to art, a good book). 
   Let's go back to the gypsies. My parents lived in the centre of Constanta, in a Russian style building, a remarkable one, which had in the basement, cellars for each apartment. At the back was another block of flats, and between them a courtyard with trees and flowers. At the back of these, was Luminisului st, where there were houses, some villas (some of them nationalized, when the communists came to power). In one of the houses lived several families of gypsies, poor and  dealing with scrounging, while the Romanians went to work. I have to say here that in communism, almost all adults went to work, except gypsies, who make their living in an unorganized way. Usually their children, who were many in number, were not attending school. Most have only 2-3 years of classes, rarely finishing their primary, ie 4 classes. At present the situation this category (gypsies are divided into several categories or tribes, usually after occupations or by the way they live: cauldron gypsies/zlatari, silversmiths, gabori, musicians, tinsmiths, florists, etc.) is no different. They use as a means of transport and in daily activities the cart pulled by horses. So the horse is an animal present in any yard, because I said, but gypsies do not live, routinely in block of flats, but in houses or... tents. It says, many keep their horse inside the house; however, from many yards, come out an unbearable smell, a mixture of animal manure, with heavy, fetid food smell and unwashed clothes and bodies. 
   Gypsies living in the back, had, mostly, the whole family (parents, children) the scrounging as occupation and nearly all the men were in jail, from where they returned even more prone on evil! Calin, as a child, was lamenting all the time, saying he has no friends and that is why he "wanders" with some of them, a bit better people, while fearing to enter the homes, especially of those called "gangs" (as it was Vadar). Because he wandered with all these "vomiting gipsies" rarely he passed to school. When I went to see his situation, I found the   school register full of unexcused absences and scores below 5 (5 being lowest level for pass), the neighbours came to my door (I was a single mother) to claim he and his gang of thugs, had stolen, pickles, and other things from their cellar. 
   I argued with everyone: police (we were called or visited), but mostly with the parents of these gipsies with whom he wandered. So I got to wear the nickname "Zorro", which seems to be topical even at present. A neighbour of ours, British, call me with this nickname. I read once, by chance, in Calin's Facebook account, in a chat, with the Romanian fellow, with whom he had come to the UK, who asked, whether he was in Tenerife with Zorro. So, by my back, I'm not the mother, but Zorro. Even in UK, I "scream" especially towards institutions, that do not treat us right, in my views. So I do not know how I am called,  my back, but still, many people from here know me better than I know them! Maybe they talk among themselves, saying: that crazy Romanian, or Polish, or how they would name me (as many do not know what Romania is or "with what it could be eaten") and definitely the majority does not  know that Romanians and gypsies from Romania are totally different ethnicities. The only similarities are in social behaviour (both ethnic groups have a poor majority and a rich minority, the middle class becoming smaller in number). 
   Returning to the gypsies, the area where we lived was full of nationalized houses by the communist regime. Many of them were occupied, more or less "abusive" by gypsies, who are many in number and seemed, to us the Romanians, as polluting the area. These houses or villas were an insalubrity difficult to understand or accept, so the gypsies were, as now, marginalized and reviled, that although the fault was not, mostly, theirs, but of the society full of prejudices and especially of authorities. 
   All, I have written happened about 25-30 years ago. I say this because at the age of 18 years, Calin began to sapience, even if the link with gypsies was not broken, permanently, given our economic/financial situation,  increasingly precarious. Many gypsies in Constanta were Turks, they lived mostly in the Grivita and Chilia Markets. Men were responsible for illegal "business" usually and women with sales of sundries, guessing and domestic chores. Some of them had more bearable living conditions. All of them had the houses walls painted in white or blue and hanging on walls and on large beds (large, because they were sleeping "sixes and sevens") bright rugs, very kitschy,  which they brought from Turkey, from which, the majority are sold. They had on tables and walls Orthodox icons and other brighter items. From Constanta to Istanbul, many buses, loaded with gypsies "merchants", departure every day. 
   Besides rugs, they brought all sorts of trinkets, which they sold on stalls or strolling on beaches during summer, Constanta being located on the Black Sea coast and within easy reach to Turkey. During summer, they walked on the beach, selling, boiled corn, lollipops, sesame, caramelized apple, fried seeds (which they sold in cones made of paper, 1 or more small glasses, as many as money payed). They crafted from sea shells all sorts of decorative items as necklaces (which looked really good) so that Romanian or foreign tourists were buying them with pleasure. 
   In all the parks from Constanta were gypsy women, dressed in floral skirts , with the hair bound in pigtails (half behind the ear and the other half in front), usually wearing a baby or a doll (who give the impression of a baby) in their arms, or with a toddler beside them. They dealt, usually tricking the gullible, as palmist, in play cards or conch (a large shell, which you seem as hearing the sound of sea waves). They manifested a remarkable ability to "read" the man and his desires, so they managed to take the money and jewellery, and that without the man feels as being ripped off.
   PS To be continued! Anyway, I will upload more personal pictures (relatively recent) with gypsies from Transylvania, in one of these posts about gypsy ethnicity.

DESPRE TIGANI (cine sunt si ce vor)-PRIMA PARTE

   Voi avea cateva postari privindu-i pe tigani. Nu voi scrie aici ceea ce am citit prin diverse sau am auzit de la diverse persoane, ci despre experienta mea  si eventual a lui Calin cu si legata de ei. Nu pot spune ca sunt un popor, pentru ca ei, de fapt sunt raspanditi in toata lumea si au luat nu numai infatisarea poporului in a carui tara s-au stabilit….sau…nu, dar si limba, cultul , obiceiuri si chiar nationalitatea.  
   Cand eram copil, in Romania, parintii mei, mergeau la filme indiene, care intr-o anume perioada au fost foarte populare acolo (imi amintesc de “Vagabondul” cu Raj Kapoor). Pe vremea aceea, adica in epoca comunista erau multe cinematografe in Constanta. Oriunde se difuzau filme indiene erau cozi uriase la casele de bilete. Romanii nu prea aveau loc, din cauza tiganilor, care se inghesuiau cu familiile lor la intrare. Asta, pentru ca, spuneau ei ca indienii sunt fratii lor, etnia tiganeasca provenind din India si raspandindu-se in toata lumea.
     Pana s-a nascut Calin si cativa ani, pana cand el a mai crescut, eu doar ma feream de ei, pentru ca nu auzeam decat lucruri rele, care ma infricosau. Lucrurile au inceput sa se schimbe cand fiul meu s-a inhaitat cu gasti de tigani, pentru ca eram o mama singura si trebuia sa-mi apar fiul de lucruri, pe care eu le credeam rele. Oricum, a fost o etapa in viata noastra, care ne-a facut sa intelegem un adevar esential, anume ca natura speciei umane este la fel, oriunde pe planeta Pamant.  Si la aceasta etnie, oamenii se impart in bogati si saraci, au bulibasi (un fel de sefi de trib), regi,  imparati, au “legea tiganeasca” si….unele obiceiuri specifice (cum ar fi ciordeala). Dar, cine nu fura, sau, mai bine zis, cine fura cel mai putin, iar acestia sunt oamenii care, intr-adevar produc ceva (cum ar fi painea, locuinte, imbracaminte, poate ceva legat de arta, o carte buna). 
   Sa ne intoarcem la tigani.  Parintii mei locuiau in centrul Constantei, intr-un bloc, tip rusesc, o constructie remarcabila, care avea la demisol beciuri pentru fiecare apartament. In spate era un alt bloc, iar intre ele o o curte cu pomi si flori. In spate era strada Luminisului, unde erau case, unele tip vila (dintre care unele nationalizate, cand comunistii au venit la putere). Intr-una din vile locuiau mai multe familii de tigani, saraci si care se ocupau cu …ciordeli, in timp ce romanii se duceau la munca. 
   Trebuie sa spun, aici, ca in communism, aproape toti adultii mergeau la servici, cu exceptia tiganilor, care nu isi castigau existenta in cadru organizat. De obicei copii lor, care erau multi la numar, nu mergeau la scoala. Majoritatea avea 2-3 clase, rar isi termina ciclul primar, adica 4 clase. In prezent situatia acestei categorii (tiganii se impart in mai multe categorii, de obicei dupa ocupatii sau dupa modul in care traiesc: tigani caldarari/zlatari, argintari, gabori, lautari, spoitori, florari, etc) nu este diferita. Mijlocul lor de transport si care este si acela care ii ajuta in activitatea zilnica este caruta trasa de cai. Deci calul este animalul prezent in orice curte, pentru ca nu am spus, dar tiganii nu locuiesc, in mod obisnuit la bloc, ci la casa sau….in cort. Se spune ca multi isi baga calul in casa; oricum din curtile multora iese un miros greu de suportat, un amestec de dejectii animale, cu mancare grea si haine si trupuri nespalate. 
   Tiganii, din spate, se ocupau mai ales de ciordeli, parinti, copii (intreaga familie) si aproape toti barbatii facusera sau faceau pirnaie, de unde se intorceau si mai pusi pe rele! Calin, copil fiind, se plangea tot timpul ca el nu are prieteni si de aceea “umbla” cu unii din ei ceva mai buni, in acelasi timp temandu-se sa intre in casele, mai ales a celor numiti “interlopi” (cum era Vadar). Din cauza ca umbla cu toti “boratii”, pe la scoala trecea foarte rar. Cand mergeam sa vad situatia lui, gaseam catalogul plin de absente nemotivate si de note sub 5 (5 fiind nota cea mai mica de trecere), iar vecinii veneau la mine (eu fiind o mama singura) sa parasca ca el si gasca lui de derbedei le furasera, muraturile, si alte chestii din beciuri. 
   Ma certam cu toata lumea: politie (care ne chema sau vizita), vecini dar mai ales cu parintii tiganilor cu care umbla. Asa ca am ajuns sa port porecla “Zorro”, care se pare ca este de actualitate chiar si in prezent. Un vecin al nostru, britanic, ma apeleaza cu acest nickname. Am citit odata, intamplator, in contul lui Calin de Facebook, ca amicul, roman, cu care el venise in UK, il intreba daca a fost in Tenerife cu Zorro. Deci, pe la spate, eu nu sunt mama, ci Zorro. Chiar si in UK ma “cert” mai ales cu institutiile, care nu ne trateaza corect, din punctul meu de vedere, pe mine si pe Calin. Deci, nu stiu cum sunt numita, pe la spate, dar, oricum, mai multa lume, de aici, ma cunoaste, decat cunosc eu! Poate, cand vorbesc intre ei, imi spun: romanca aia nebuna, sau poloneza, sau tiganca sau cum mi-or mai mai zice (pentru ca multi nu stiu ce este Romania si “cu ce se mananca”), dar si mai multi nu stiu ca romani si tiganii, din Romania, sunt etnii total diferite, asemanarile fiind doar in comportamentul social (pentru ca ambele etnii au o majoritate saraca si o minoritate bogata, clasa de mijloc fiind din ce in ce mai mica numeric).
   Revenind la tigani, zona in care locuiam era plina de case nationalizate de regimul communist. Multe din ele erau ocupate, mai mult sau mai putin “abuziv” de tigani, care fiind multi la numar, ni se parea, noua romanilor, ca polueaza zona. Aceste case sau vile erau de o insalubritate greu de inteles sau de acceptat, asa ca tiganii erau , cum sunt si acum, marginalizati si ocarati, asta cu toate ca vina nu era, in cea mai mare parte, a lor ci a societatii plina de prejudecati si mai ales, a autoritatilor. Toate, cate le-am scris, se petreceau acum vreo 25-30 ani. Spun asta pentru ca de pe la 18 ani, Calin a inceput sa se cuminteasca, chiar daca legatura cu tiganii nu s-a rupt, definitiv atunci, data fiind situatia noastra economico/financiara din ce in ce mai precara. 
   Multi tigani din Constanta erau turci, ei locuind cu predilectie in zona Piata Grivitei si Piata Chiliei. Barbatii se ocupau cu “afaceri”, de obicei, ilegale, iar femeile cu vanzari de diverse, ghicitul si activitati casnice. Unii din ei aveau conditii de locuire mai suportabile. Dar toti aveau camerele varuite cu albastru si uneori cu alb iar pe pereti si pe paturile de dimensiuni mari (deoarece dormeau “claie peste gramada”) erau puse carpete stralucitoare, extrem de kitsch-oase, pe care le aduceau din Turcia si in majoritate le vindeau. Mai aveau pe mese si pereti icoane ortodoxe si alte obiecte, care mai decare mai stralucitoare. Din autogara Constanta, plecau spre Istambul multe autocare incarcate cu tigani “comercianti”. Pe langa carpete aduceau tot felul de maruntisuri, pe care le vindeau la tarabe sau ambulant, pe plaje, in timpul verii, Constanta fiind situate pe malul Marii Negre si la distanta mica de Turcia. 
   Vara, pe plaja, mai vindeau porumb fiert, acadele, susan, mere caramelizate, seminte prajite (pe care le vindeau in cornete facute din ziar, cate 1 sau mai multe paharute, dupa cati bani plateai). Mai faceau din scoici tot felul de obiecte decorative, coliere (care aratau chiar bine) astfel ca turistii romani sau streini le cumparau cu placere. 
   In toate parcurile Constantei erau tiganci, imbracate cu fuste inflorate, cu parul prins in cozi (jumatate in spatele urechii si alta jumatate in fata), de obicei purtand un bebelus sau o papusa (care sa dea impresia de bebelus) in brate, sau cu cate un puradel (copil mic) pe langa ele. Ele se ocupau, de obicei cu pacalit naivii, adica cu ghicitul in palma, in carti sau ghioc (o scoica mare, in care parca auzi sunetul valurilor marii). Manifestau o abilitate remarcabila de a “citi” omul si dorintele lui, asa ca reuseau sa ia bani si bijuterii, iar asta fara ca omul sa se simta furat.

   PS Continuarea alta data. Oricum voi incarca multe poze (personale si de data relativ recenta) cu tigani din Transilvania, intr-una din urmatoarele postari despre etnie.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


   I realized this presentation when I attended to the English Language GCSE course, in 2015. Of course, I done it in Powrpoint. For the course, I made the presentation both on paper and stick to design it on a fabric support. I printed each slide, then I laminated, perforated and tied it with string to form a booklet.   But for the blog, I had to scan each sheet, because it can be uploaded only as images. 
   My "mates", to the course, were teenagers between 17 and 20 years (of British origin). Some of them seemed really smart, especially a boy with a mignon stature, diabetic and who had a name that seemed to me a girl name, namely Ashley. He was one of the few teenagers behaving decently inside of the College and the only, except the tutor, who ate from the boeuf salad I brought.

   I was surprised to ascertain that these teenagers formal education was so low, that a girl with a claim of grade "A", for the full GCSE course, asked me if Romania is in Italy. That was, because I said the name of Romania comes from Rome. So my finding, at the moment, was that these teenagers had never heard of a country named Romania and certainly, they did not know it was in Europe. 
Anyway, I doubted that they knew, the UK was part of the EU and "what, that EU, eats with", even if they use the internet.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

AUBERGINES SALAD (more than the recipe)

   I love this salad, super! It is simple, nutritious, cheap and quite dietetic (not totally because of the oil). Calin hates it, but, what he likes! ??? But, he is eating everything from the plate at home, because he's hungry and he knows that he will not find anything better or more diverse anywhere!!!

   I put 2 medium aubergines on the cooker, hot half. If I could bake them on the grill or on the cooker open fire would be super, but lacking that, I have to handle it as I can! I bake them well on all sides, so that they become soft, until the shell is black (charred). I leave them to cool and peel them, or I hold them under cold water to peel them being hot. Anyway, I must peel all remains of the shell. The core remains light in color, although I wash the aubergine with water. I chop them very well on a wood chipper, necessarily, with steel or wooden  knife (with  wide "blade"). I have to slam the knife fast, for a good chipper. I cut a small onion (white or red), it has to be chopped finely. I place in a bowl the aubergine and chopped onion, sprinkle some rock salt, (less, because we do not like  salty eating  and because, anyway, any food contains salt, from nature, and salt in large quantities harm the heart), put less than 100 ml of corn oil (my favorite oil, £2/l at Tesco). I mix, fast and powerful, the composition with a wooden spoon, until it "whitens" (doing about 70-80 spins). 
   I arrange the salad on a plate, decorate it with sliced tomatoes and that's it!

Monday, 13 March 2017


   Do you want a holiday fairy-tale, are you an aficionado of a tale landscapes , or you're just a glutton or winter sports enthusiast, or fun to the max, then Romania is the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation.
   Anyway, the FIRST STOP you should do to BRASOV, located in southeastern Transylvania, into the curvature of the Carpathian Mountains, at 161 km from
Bucuresti,the Romanian capital, on the DN1. Here you can find anything you might be interested in or entertain you: history, culture, mountain, sport including winter sports, customs and traditions, traditional restaurants or simply select, clubs, sophisticated shops but also traditional, elegant SPAs and health centers. And maybe, who knows, you may meet  some vampires, as Bran Castle (called of Dracula's) is only 25 km from Brasov.
   You can choose to accommodate yourself to a 5 stars hotel and pay £65 per night or to a 3 stars guest house with £15 pounds per night and even less.
   OK! And now let go to have BIG FUN! Going to CINEMAX 5D to Bran (cinema in 5 dimensions) where the special effects are impressive, the seats are moving and the sound is one of exception. And while  in Bran, it is indubitable necessarily to have to go to the CASTLE  where it may be left few vampires from DRACULA's times!
   Brasov is a city full of history and culture, as it was attested documentary in 1235 and having a strong German mark, which is seen in architecture and traditional crafts, food and costumes. The OLD CENTER is truly romantic and impressive represented in medieval constructions like: Bastion of the Drapers, Ropes men and Furriers, the Castle Museum, the Town Hall, the Black Church, the  White and Black Towers and the Butchers Tower, the Graft Bastion with the  fortified bridge, the  Blacksmiths Bastion.
   Or maybe you prefer to do sport: Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Motorized hang gliders, Rafting, Paragliding, Riding, Flying by Helicopter or Balloon, Snowboarding, Skiing. 
   If you love cultural there are dozen of events in Brasov and surroundings like: the Days of Brasov, Romania craftsmen fair, the  International Pop Music Festival named the Golden Stag, the Jazz Gala, the Snow Festival to Bran, Bran Sculpture  International Festival.
   Even the shopping in Brasov are a highly interesting activity. The traditional markets and small shops attract tourists but also the spectacular malls.

   This presentation is only a small part of what represents  Brasov like a Dream Holiday. If you want to learn more about the city from  Carpathians you have only one solution: take the plane and fly to Romania!

   Comment: In this very brief overview of Brasov, I've included a few photos from Google images, because my photos are too old and do not have the content I wanted. I wrote the text as a leaflet in 2014 when I attended the English language Functional skills.

Friday, 10 March 2017

FRIES WITH PORC (more than the recipe)

   I prefer to buy potatoes in "Polish" stores because they ...taste better ... and of course ... they are very cheap, especially in bulk. I buy pork from there also, because it is sold at kg and I can see what I buy. When I find, I purchase, together with the meat, raw, bulk, fat also. Since I buy meat for one month, for me and Calin (about 7 kg of different meat: chicken, beef, pork), I portition it, usually in small blocks (I buy only boneless meat, to not be necessary to remove the bones, as Calin does not want to see them on the plate). I put, into small bags, about 300 g (for one meal, usually pork mixed with beef or pork and fat) and put them in the freezer. Every day I take a package out; sometimes the wrong one, and then I have to change (immediately) the dish, because Calin comes from work at 18  and he has to eat (a different dish than the previous day). For this reason and because we have too little money I have to cook everyday or almost everyday in house. It is why I said, I'm tired of cooking! Because this dish is one of the few of which people (including Calin) make no fuss, I said myself to post the recipe.
   I put the meat straight from the freezer in a hot mixture of about 2 tablespoons olive oil (Organic) and some more corn oil, (both from Tesco). I do not defrost the meat before cooking, because the frozen meat keeps better the properties. If I intend to make meat roll or a dish more complicated (which happens very rare, because I cook every day and my time is limited) requiring bigger piece of meat, then I hold the meat larger. I put a little salt and pepper and when the meat is thawed and begins to fry I pour water, enough to cover the meat and so on until the meat is tender, and then, I let it fry until has a fried colour.

   While the meat is cooking, I peel 3 large potatoes (after I washed them), I wash  and cut them into cubes and place on kitchen towels to drain. I cut, cubes, a medium zucchini (white, from the Polish store) and put on paper to drain. I use the wok because I put less oil (about ½ l). I put sunflower oil from Tesco (2 bottles of 5 liters each, at £8 both) because it is cheaper and I use it only once (it decomposes and becomes hazardous to health, being used more then ones). I put the drained potatoes and zucchini in a bowl and suddenly pour them in the hot oil, while keeping a lid very close to the surface of the wok, so the hot oil does not splatter. The cooker fire is at strong and the wok is uncovered at all time. The kitchen door is wide open, because the hair and clothes catch the smell of fried, fast. I use the foam spoon to mix them and after they caught a crust brown/reddish I take them out on kitchen towels, put in a colander, to drain of oil. I sprinkle little salt and pepper and I place them on plate with the fried meat. Sometimes, instead of salt, I sprinkle grated, white, salad cheese (Romanian from Polish store) and  Cheddar (Turkish from the same store) and sometimes dill. I mix sometimes the potatoes with raw, onion, finely chopped. I may, sometimes, put a fried egg for decoration.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

BOEUF SALAD (more than the recipe)

   It is a mixture of vegetables and meat, boiled, linked with mayonnaise. This salad, very tasty, may have been made with beef (because of the name), but we the Romanians make it with chicken. Anyway, I think you'll like! I tried this recipe "on several Brits" and they liked it. They did not say this out of complacency, but because they ate as the Romanians do, meaning, a lot! This salad is served, usually at holidays: Christmas, birthdays, memorable events. I make it quite often, because I like it and that it is quite healthy and feeding. I do not use to weigh dishes ingredients, nor I taste it for salt and spices, which makes me a talented cook, because very rare a dish is not cooked similar to Masterchief (as Calin says). Anyway, I feel replete, up to ears, of cooking. Let me tell you from where I take the ingredients to cook. Here, in the UK there are specific continental stores ("Polish" stores), usually located in cities and towns, on the High st., Portland st., Freeman st.. and  their names are: European food, Polish Dely .... The food is very diverse, colorful, having "strong" smell and taste, as  Stanley (a friend of mine) says. And the price is lower than in hypermarkets. So let's start!
   I put, directly from the freezer a medium chicken breast to boil in a pot with about 2 liters of cold water. I peel the vegetables: 1/2 of a medium celery root (about 10 cm in diameter), a medium parsnip and parsley roots (parsley root, even exist), 3 medium carrots and a medium potato.  I, always, wash the vegetables before I peel them and after When the water on the meat begins to boil, remove the foam and put in whole, the vegetables. I put: salt (about a teaspoon) and a bit of pepper and sugar. Also I put an egg (which I washed with detergent and rinsed well) to boil it strong.
   While meat and vegetables boil, I make the mayonnaise. I cut the boiled egg in half, remove the yolk and crush it with a spoon in a bowl. When it is cooled, I put a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of classic mustard and a raw egg yolk. Then I begin to pour, in a thin thread, corn oil and mix with an electric mixer, at high speed until the mayonnaise gets hard. I add the juice of half, smaller lemon. The mayonnaise is ready in 2-3 minutes, when about ¼ of 1 liter bottle oil is consumed and the composition is hard.
   I take 4 pieces of medium cucumbers in vinegar or brine from a jar (small- cucumbers named gherkins). The potatoes boil first, and I cut it out into small cubes, then the carrots, parsnips, celery, parsley and meat; the cucumbers, already, being cut. We (me and Calin) do not like salty food, so, I do not put salt into the composition. I mix all of the above ingredients with half of the mayonnaise, put in a pan and level with a knife, put the other half of mayonnaise over the salad, level it and then ... decorate.

   It does not make me bad, nor even when I eat it at dinner, before bed time. I like to eat the salad with a pickled or marinated chilli in vinegar and ....real bread!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Katherine O' Riordan <>  28/04/15 at 9:31 PM
Continutul mesajului
Draga  Marylena Ciorogar-Goia,
Multumim pt ca l-ati contactat pe Sir Edward Leigh si v-ati exprimat vederile.
Sir Edward crede cu tarie ca toleranta si respectul pt alte
culturi se afla in centrul identitatii noastre.
Suntem acum casa pt multe diferite credințe, rase și etnii și este important ca
toată lumea se simte parte dintr-o societate solidară și integrată.
Scrisoarea dvs. a fost citita și a fost luată în considerare in aceeasi masura ca
toată corespondența din partea alegatorilor care il contactează pe Sir Edward.
Niciun e-mail nu este intenționat ignorat și niciodată nu a fost intenția mea de a nu
furniza un răspuns pentru oricine il contacteaza pe Sir Edward. În cazul în care acest lucru nu este totdeauna
adevarat, este de obicei o eroare administrativă și/sau de supraveghere din partea mea
pentru care îmi cer scuze.
A dvs.  sincer
Katherine Elizabeth O' Riordan
Senior Lucrator de Caz
Biroul lui Sir Edward Leigh
(Parlamentar Conservator, candidat pt………)
> De la: Marylena <>
> Data: 23 aprilie 2015 14:43:21
> Catre: ""
> <>
> Cc: "" <>,
> "" <>,
> "" <>
> Replica: Catre: Marylena <

   Acesta este răspunsul la scrisoarea mea de protest adresata lui Sir Edward Leigh. Limbajul folosit este unul "diplomatic", adică unul care nu spune ceva. Prin urmare, concluzia din scrisoarea mea de PROTEST, este corectă. Deputații, în special aparținând Partidului Conservator, ignora orice alegător obisnuit, a cărui opinie nu contează!


Re: OPEN LETTER, "MY PROTEST"                                                        People
Katherine O' Riordan <>  28/04/15 at 9:31PM
Message body
Dear Marylena Ciorogar-Goia,
Thank you for contacting Sir Edward Leigh and for expressing your views.
Sir Edward firmly believes that tolerance and respect for other
cultures lie at the heart of our identity. We are now home to many
different faiths, races and ethnicities and it is important that
everyone feels part of a cohesive and integrated society.
Your letter has been read and has been given due consideration as does
all correspondence from constituents who contact Sir Edward.
No email is purposely ignored and never is it my intention not to
provide a response to anyone contacting Sir Edward.  If ever this is
the case, it is usually an administrative error and/or oversight on my
part for which I apologise.
Yours sincerely,
Katherine Elizabeth O' Riordan
Senior Caseworker
Office of Sir Edward Leigh
(Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Gainsborough)
> From: Marylena <>
> Date: 23 April 2015 14:43:21 BST
> To: ""
> <>
> Cc: "" <>,
> "" <>,
> "" <>
> Reply-To: Marylena <


This is the answer to my letter of protest addressed to Sir Edward Leigh. The language used is a "diplomatic" one, ie, one that says anything. Therefore, the conclusion from my PROTEST letter, is correct. The MPs, especially belonging to Conservative Party, ignore any ordinary voter, whose opinion does not matter!

Monday, 6 March 2017

PROTEST privind campania electorala pentru alegeri generale in UK-7 mai 2015

  Cine ne-a luat demnitatea si respectul de sine?

   As avea comentarii pentru fiecare din paragrafele brosurii electorale a candidatului partidului conservator din circumscriptia Gainsborough, dar in aceasta scrisoare deschisa ma voi referi si voi analiza doar paragraful intitulat: “Imigrare”. Cred ca, continutul  acestui paragraph ar putea fi interpretat de unii ca fiind:” instigator la rasism”, dar eu sunt mai toleranta si doresc argumente care sa infirme aceasta parere.
Paragraful, din fluturasul electoral al lui Sir Edward Leigh, inserat aici: "Imigrarea: Redobândirea controlului asupra frontierelor noastre este o prioritate absolută. Libera circulație a cetățenilor UE nu funcționează atunci când există țări diverse, precum Marea Britanie sau Suedia, pe de o parte, și Bulgaria și România, pe de altă parte. Avem nevoie să vedem un balans al sistemului mai echilibrat, o gestionare a  migrației, care restricționează migranții economici, permitand in acelasi timp accesul oamenilor talentați"
   Familia mea este compusa din 2 membri: eu si fiul meu. Locuim …pe deal. Numele meu este Marylena C.Goia, am 61 ani, sunt de nationalitate romana si resident permanent in UK. Pe fiul meu il cheama Calin, are 35 ani, este de origine romana si de nationalitate britanica si romana. Eu intentionez, daca vom avea banii necesari in acest an, sa aplic pentru cetatenia britanica. Ma intreb si va intreb daca, cu toate ca indeplinesc conditiile de rezidenta, din legea britanica a imigrarii, ar trebui sa ma tem ca aplicatia mea ar putea fi respinsa, in caz ca partidul conservator castiga alegerile? De asemeni ma intreb si va intreb daca eu si familia mea ar trebui sa ne temem pentru securitatea noastra, deoarece am optat sa traim printre britanici si nu in comunitatile de imigranti?  
   In lupta pentru supravietuire, existenta si integrare am uitat ca noi romanii suntem “homo sapiens sapiens” si ca suntem egali cu oricare alta natie de pe acest pamant. Nici vorba de exprimarea talentului, pentru ca in goana dupa hrana si un adapost sigur nu mai este loc si pentru altceva. O vorba romaneasca spune: “tara noastra aur poarta; noi cersim din poarta in poarta”. V-ati intrebat vreodata de ce un popor ca cel roman, avand o cultura si civilizatie foarte vechi si absolut stralucite si traind intr-o tara atat de bogata in orice fel de resurse, a devenit imigrant economic? Iar daca v-ati intrebat atunci as vrea sa stiu si care a fost raspunsul la intrebare. V-ati intrebat vreodata de ce fiintele umane, de orice nationalitate ar fi, care traiesc in saracie fara voia lor, ar trebui sa traiasca toata viata cu frica si umilinta, ignorati si oprimati  de norocosii sortii (nascuti in familii nobile sau bogate, nascuti britanici, norocosi pur si simplu, etc.)? Daca da atunci as vrea sa-mi spuneti ce v-ati raspuns! 
   Eu si familia mea suntem imigranti economici si in acelasi timp niste finite umane, care in plus sunt talentate. Am muncit din greu si am suferit privatiuni de natura financiara si economica, uneori inimaginabile pentru un om cu o viata normala. Tot ceea ce am obtinut a fost numai prin efort propriu, urias. Este posibil sa fim aproape de “luminita de la capatul tunelului”, dar inca nu putem fi siguri. Talentul si experienta fiului meu au fost si sunt computerele si posibil limbile straine. Dar din cauza restrictiilor din UK, el a fost nevoit sa munceasca din greu, ca self-employed,  pentru Lincolnshire Showground, cu toate ca nu avea nici constitutia fizica si nici sanatatea potrivite pentru munca de acolo. Pentru acest motiv a absolvit, cu rezultate foarte bune, la colegiul Lincon, stiinta computerelor, iar acum s-a inscris la Open University (deoarece, in acelasi timp, el trebuie sa munceasca) , pentru a-si finaliza studiile universitare in acelasi domeniu. Nu are o familie proprie, nu pentru ca nu ar vrea, ci pentru ca “societatea a decis ca nu-si poate permite una”, el fiind un individ responsabil. Dupa cautari destul de lungi si presarate cu obstacole ridicole din partea angajatorilor, a reusit sa gasesca un loc de munca in IT. Eu nu muncesc, cu toate ca as fi capabila de aproape orice munca intelectuala sau artistica, pentru motive care nu tin de dorinta sau vointa mea. In schimb fac tot felul de cursuri de pregatire pentru munca, cum ar fi: English GCSE.
   Pentru a devein resident permanent sau cetatean britanic trebuie ca aspirantul sa treaca testele de limba engleza si “ viata in UK”. In capitolul despre valorile si principiile UK sunt facute urmatoarele afirmatii: “Suntem mândri de recordul de imigranti nou veniti, care va contribui la imbogatirea diversitatii și dinamismului vieții noastre naționale. "si:" cetățenii buni sunt un avut pretios pentru Marea Britanie. Noi ii consideram bine veniti pe cei care urmaresc să aducă o contribuție pozitivă societății noastre “. Va rog sa-mi spuneti cum se potrivesc afirmatiile de mai sus cu mesajul din paragraful referitor la imigrare?
   Veti sti ca romanii sunt foarte buni muncitori, foarte harnici si cinstiti, indiferent ca sunt (in majoritate) imigranti economici. In plus va voi spune eu, daca nu cumva stiti deja, ca multi angajatori sau agentii de recrutare prefera imigranti economici ca romanii , pentru ca numai ei fac muncile refuzate, pe salarii care abia acopera chiriile uriase. Multi ar crede ca faceti discriminare spunand ca UK si Suedia ar fi de o parte iar Romania si Bulgaria de partea opusa. E ca si cand ai spune ca unele finite umane sunt inferioare celorlalte. Chiar asa sa fie?!!!! In opinia dvs. unde ii situati pe tiganii de nationalitate romana, pe o scara de la 1 la 10? Dar pe tiganii de nationalitate britanica? Si mai ales pe nobilii de orice nationalitate?Ati cunoscut vreodata un imigrant economic de origine romana? Daca da spuneti-mi, va rog, in ce imprejurari si ce impresie v-au facut?
   Stiti in ce situatie, gandesc acum ca suntem (eu si fiul meu) si cum ne simtim noi dupa ce am citit, mai ales paragraful intitulat “Imigrare”? Daca da atunci spuneti-mi cum credeti dvs. ca ma simt!!! Prima data cand v-am contactat a fost in anul 2007, iar atunci nu am avut abilitatea de a va atrage atentia. M-am simtit ignorata ca fiinta umana aflata in nevoie. De aceasta data sper sa am mai mult success!
   Nu credeti  ca granitele ar trebui protejate nu de imigrantii economici ci de potentialii raufacatori (teroristi, criminali, excroci, hoti, etc)? Multi ar spune ca nu ati servit si nu serviti interesele tuturor alegatorilor, ci numai a unei categorii, categorie care nu are ceva in comun cu populatia saraca, majoritara, sau cu populatia saracita (din care fac parte si imigrantii economici romani).Daca la toate intrebarile, fara exceptie, imi puteti da raspunsuri care sa ma satisfaca, atunci va garantez un vot din partea familiei mele.
   Daca luati in consideratie scrisoarea mea si imi raspundeti, va multumesc! Daca ignorati continutul ei si nu aveti chef sa o cititi sau sa-mi raspundeti, eu tot va multumesc, pentru ca mi-ati dat ocazia sa-mi exersez calitatile de scriitor, cunostintele de engleza si capacitatea de a intelege lucrurile!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017


  DIICOT Prahova audiaza în acest moment 90 de 
persoane printre care se numara si Cheloo, membru al trupei hip hop Parazitii, acuzat ca a consumat cannabis, asupra lui gasindu-se câteva grame. Întrebat de un reporter de ce se afla acolo, artistul a raspuns scurt si la obiect: "Am venit la plimbare. Ma simt  ca un lup când vad atâtea oi în jurul meu!" Unul dintre politistii prezenti la fata locului a reusit sa dea mai multe informatii despre acest caz care i-a socat pe toti fanii celebrului artist.

  In limbaj tendentios Cheloo (Catalin Stefan Ion) este un xenofob (mai precis un rasist si un homofob). Astea sunt doar niste cuvinte inventate, care sunt folosite de unii indivizi, de obicei in instante, impotriva altora! Adevarul este ca nu exista om, pe Pamant, care sa nu fi fost sau sa fie xenofob. Dar, faptul ca majoritatea ascunde acest lucru, face ca termenul sa fie aplicat numai acelor oameni care isi exprima, pe fata, opiniile si sentimentele. Eu totusi cred ca, atata timp cat, o atitudine sau o situatie individuala, nu te afecteaza, direct, mental, fizic si financiar, nu trebuie sa-ti pese. Pur si simplu, ignora! Si aici dau exemplul britanicilor (nascuti) care ignora tot ce nu este britanic si astfel sunt mai fericiti si pot domina alte popoare, cum ar fi poporul roman, care se comporta ca si cand britanicii ar fi o natie superioara!

  Cheloo are o mutra de BANDIT, de care te infricosezi cand il vezi ZIUA. Cred ca asta e un motiv intemeiat ca femeile sa se simta atrase de el! Oricum, ceea ce este esential,este ca prezenta lui fizica, fata si expresia fetei lui nu-mi par LIBIDINOASE ca a majoritatii batbatilor.

FABULA: "Câinele şi căţelul" de Grigore Alexandrescu

  "Cât îmi sunt de urâte unele dobitoace, Cum lupii, urşii, leii şi alte câteva, Care cred despre sine că preţuiesc ceva! De se trag din neam mare,
Asta e o-ntâmplare: Şi eu poate sunt nobil, dar s-o arăt nu-mi place. Oamenii spun adesea că-n ţări civilizate Este egalitate. Toate iau o schimbare şi lumea se ciopleşte, Numai pe noi mândria nu ne mai părăseşte. Cât pentru mine unul, fieştecine ştie
C-o am de bucurie Când toată lighioana, măcar şi cea mai proastă, Câine sadea îmi zice, iar nu domnia-voastră."

  Aşa vorbea deunăzi cu un bou oarecare Samson, dulău de curte, ce lătra foarte tare. Căţelul Samurache, ce şedea la o parte Ca simplu privitor, Auzind vorba lor, Şi că nu au mândrie, nici capricii deşarte,
S-apropie îndată Să-şi arate iubirea ce are pentru ei:

  "Gândirea voastră, zise, îmi pare minunată, Şi sentimentul vostru îl cinstesc, fraţii mei." - "Noi, fraţii tăi? răspunse Samson plin de mânie, Noi, fraţii tăi, potaie! O să-ţi dăm o bătaie Care s-o pomeneşti.
Cunoşti tu cine suntem, şi ţi se cade ţie, Lichea neruşinată, astfel să ne vorbeşti?" - "Dar ziceaţi..." - "Şi ce-ţi pasă? Te-ntreb eu ce ziceam? Adevărat vorbeam, Că nu iubesc mândria şi că urăsc pe lei,
Că voi egalitate, dar nu pentru căţei."

Aceasta între noi adesea o vedem, Şi numai cu cei mari egalitate vrem.

CHELOO from PARAZITII (parasites)

  DIICOT (Direcția de Investigare a Infracțiunilor de Criminalitate Organizată și Terorism-the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism Directorate) Prahova hears, at the moment, 90 persons, among which is Cheloo, the hip hop PARAZITII band member  (accused of using cannabis, a few grams being found on him). Asked by a reporter why he was there, the artist gave a short answer: "I came for a walk. I feel like a wolf when I see so many sheep around me!" One of the police officers present at the scene managed to give more information about the case, which has shocked the fans of the famous artist.

  In a tendencious language, Cheloo (Catalin Stefan Ion) is a xenophobic (more precisely, a racist and a homophobe). These are just some invented words that are used by some individuals, usually, in court against others! The truth is that there is no human on Earth who has not been or is a xenophobic. But, the fact that the majority hides this, makes the term to be applied only on those people who, outspoken, express their opinions and feelings. But, I still believe that as long as an attitude or an individual situation, not affect you directly, mentally, physically and financial, you need not to care. Simply, ignore! And here I have to give an example: the British (born) ignores everything that is NOT British and so, he is happier and can dominate other peoples, such as the the Romanian people, who behaves, as if the Britons would be a superior nation! 

  Cheloo has a villain or bandit guise, which scares you when you see him during day time. I think that's a good reason, that women feel very attracted to him! However, what is essential, is that his physical presence, his face and facial expressions do not seem as lecherous as of the most men.